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Tot Club

 Our tot club  is a fun and interactive learning experience, in this class, toddlers will be exposed to Spanish, allowing them to develop their language skills at an early age. This is a grown up and me class.

The bilingual tot club class incorporates a variety of activities to enhance toddlers' cognitive, social, and motor skills. Here are some examples:

These activities are designed to be age-appropriate and engaging, providing babies with a well-rounded learning experience while having fun. The combination of cognitive, social, and motor skill activities ensures holistic development for the babies in the bilingual tot club class.



Music & Movement

Toddlers will engage in music and movement activities, such as singing songs, dancing. These activities help develop their coordination, balance, and motor skills, while also promoting rhythm and self-expression.


Sensory Play

Sensory play activities involve exploring different textures, colors, and materials. toddlers will have the opportunity to engage in activities like playing with water, sand, or sensory bins filled with various objects. These activities stimulate their senses, promote cognitive development, and enhance their fine motor skills.

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 Storytelling sessions involve reading age-appropriate books or telling stories using visual aids. This activity helps improve toddlers' language skills, cognitive abilities, and listening comprehension. It also encourages their imagination and creativity.


Arts & Crafts

Toddlers will participate in simple arts and crafts activities, such as finger painting, collages, or making crafts with different materials. 

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